Sepahran Rail Rasa Company (Private Joint Stock Company) as a railway subsidiary, one of the largest international shipping and logistics companies, started its activities in 1399 with the two main goals of developing infrastructure and freight rail fleet and increasing market share. The specialized and experienced forces of the country’s railway industry in the field of domestic and international transportation provide services based on rail transportation.

At the beginning of entering the market, Sepahran Rail has ordered 600 units of short-edge wagons for container and multi-purpose transportation from domestic manufacturers, and in its medium-term plan until 1404, it will purchase 1,500 units of various types of wagons.

The most important service of this company is domestic and international shipping management services from the door of the seller’s factory to the buyer’s warehouse, using multifaceted solutions and relying on the internal power of the group, which in addition to reducing customer concerns, has reduced overhead costs for various contractors. . Therefore, the customers of Sepehran Rail carry their goods with ease.

Service of Sepahran Rail

Launching a container service from Bandar Abbas to Tehran and Isfahan

Transportation of oil cargo, all kinds of products with bag packaging, bulk, steel products, general cargo and all kinds of containers

Rail-based domestic multi-faceted transport

Forwarding and international shipping

Loading and unloading at bases and destinations

Perform customs formalities and clearance

Expert advice on transportation solutions

Register the order of the goods and follow it

Special services for packaging and warehousing of goods

Rail transport management with the benefit of the civil fleet and other existing domestic and foreign fleets