Due to its special geographical location, Iran has important ports both in the north and in the south of the country. Sepehran Rail Rasa Company (Private Joint Stock Company) in connection with international transportation and trade affairs provides the possibility of transporting goods from important ports of Iran to all parts of the country. The company has active representation in some of these ports and provides rail transportation, unloading and loading services.

Southern ports of Iran

The south of the country has important ports in terms of trade and most of the country’s exports and imports are done through the ports of the south of Iran.

Imam Khomeini seaport

The port of Imam Khomeini (RA) is located in Khuzestan province in the northwest of the Persian Gulf and at the end of the Musa estuary. Due to its suitable depth, this port has provided the traffic of all types of commercial ocean-going ships and oil tankers to all parts of the world. Located on the international transport route North-South and East-West, located on the road route of goods from Iraq, Turkey, the Caucasus and Central Asia to the countries of Southeast Asia and connected to the national railways of this port to It has become one of the most important commercial and industrial centers.

Shahid Rajaei Port

This port is located in Hormozgan province, one of the largest and most important ports in Iran, in the center of the south-north transit corridor. These ports connect the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf through Iran to the Caspian Sea and then through Russia to northern Europe. This port is the most convenient and shortest bridge to Central Asia. Another feature of Shahid Rajaei port is the existence of railway lines and proximity to refineries and petrochemicals.

Bushehr seaport

Bushehr port is one of the southern ports of Iran and the closest southern port to the Persian Gulf countries (Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia). It operates as an export port for the transportation of petroleum products. This port has the ability to provide services of various goods such as bulk, container, general, petroleum products and..

Shahid Port with Art

Shahid Bahonar port is one of the ports in the south of Iran, which is very important in the country’s trade and operates as an export port in the field of transportation of goods, oil and non-oil materials. Features of this port are fast access to open waters through the Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman, being located in the north-south corridor and international road routes.

Port of Khorramshahr

Khorramshahr port is located in the northwest of the Persian Gulf and borders Iraq. It has many berths and is one of the container ports of the country in the Persian Gulf, and due to its proximity to Iraq, it is an important commercial area. This port is connected to the national railway lines and the transit road route.

Chabahar port

Chabahar port is located in the north of the Oman Sea, along the north-south corridor. It is considered as a free trade zone for export and import. The most important problem of Chabahar port is its lack of connection to the national railway line. Due to its location, this port is the closest access to open waters for Central Asian countries (Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan). This port has the ability to provide services for a variety of goods, including general, container, bulk, petroleum products and..

Northern ports of Iran

The Caspian Sea borders Russia to the north, Iran to the south, the Republic of Azerbaijan to the west, and Turkmenistan to the east. There are many ports along the Caspian Sea that play an important role in Iranian trade.

Bandar Anzali

Anzali port is located in Gilan province, in the southern part of the Caspian Sea. Due to its location in the north-south corridor transit route and the national railway line, it is of great importance and plays an important role in the country’s maritime transport industry. Due to its advanced equipment, this port is one of the most important ports for exchanging goods with Russia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and..

Nowshahr Port

Nowshahr port in Mazandaran province and the closest port to the capital and equipped with airlines and one of the most important economic and commercial ports. Nowshahr port is one of the most prestigious ports in northern Iran due to the high traffic of commercial ships. This port has the ability to provide services to a variety of goods, including general, container, bulk, petroleum products, general goods of launches, water supply to vessels.

Amirabad Port

Amirabad port is in the east of Mazandaran province and is the largest port among the five Caspian littoral countries. Due to its strategic location, the port is located in the international north-south transit corridor and the national rail route has a prominent position in the international and national economic arena. Amirabad port has the capability of port operations for bulk goods, oil, containers, surface-to-surface, general goods and..


Shahid Rajaei Port Complex of Bandar Abbas is one of the most important ports in Iran, unloading and loading about 100 million tons of goods annually, alone is responsible for more than 55% of exports and imports and 70% of transit of the country’s ports. Also, 90% of the country’s container goods are unloaded in this complex.

This port is located 23 km west of Bandar Abbas, the capital of Hormozgan province, and with an area of ​​more than 2400 hectares (operational area and coastal area), has an annual capacity of accepting more than 88 million tons of goods. In 2012, this port exchanged goods with 80 ports in the world. The establishment of the Shahid Rajaei Port Special Economic Zone was approved by the then Cabinet of Ministers of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1997.

The port has 18 gantry cranes, and about 40 berths, and with the largest and most advanced container terminals in the country, has the ability to dock a variety of ocean-going ships. Prior to the US sanctions against the port (2011), 30 world shipping lines were unloading their goods at the port.

In the latest ranking of the world’s top ports, published in September 2013, Shahid Rajaei Port ranked 59th in the world, a few steps down from the past.