Sepahran Rail Rasa (P.J.S)

Emerging Commander of Domestic and International Rail Transport

Sepahran Rail Rasa (Private Joint Stock Company) started its activity in the second half of 1399 with the aim of creating infrastructure in rail transportation in the domestic and international arena. The company, as the rail transport arm of one of the largest international shipping and logistics companies, has taken the first step in concluding a contract for the purchase of 600 special container transport wagons as well as a multi-purpose short edge, and is currently forwarding to Complete your fleet in the active market.

Providing rail transportation services from Bandar Abbas and Bandar Imam Khomeini to various destinations inside and outside the country

The Minister of Economy and the Director General of RAI visited the dry port of Aprin

Dr. Salehi: Due to the provision of the necessary infrastructure by the railways in the agreement between the railways and the customs, with the order of the Minister of Economy, God willing, the customs will be located in the dry port of Aprin next month. This morning, Dr. Seyed Ehsan Khandouzi, Minister of Economy and…

Interruption of service of important international shipping lines to important Russian ports

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the imposition of extensive international sanctions have led to the disruption of major international shipping lines to major Russian ports such as Vladivostok and St. Petersburg, and reduced the activity of the Northern Russia (Trans-Siberia) Rail Transit Corridor. In such circumstances, the effective and efficient connection of Iran’s national railway…

Unloading Open Top Car with Elevator

Unloading Open Top Car with Elevator Source: Association of Rail Transportation Companies and Related Services

Operation of the Rasht-Caspian railway until September 2022

Visit of the Vice President and Minister of Roads and Urban Development to the Rasht-Anzali Railway The Director-General of the Railway Construction and Development Zone 2 announced the opening of the Rasht-Caspian Railway in September next year, provided funding is provided. Ali Akbar Mardi, Director General of the General Directorate of Railway Construction and Development…

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Sepahran Rail has a new program in providing domestic and international rail transportation services by using the power of young forces and relying on the experience and expertise of its managers.

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