Relying on the expertise and ability of Iranian manufacturers, Sepahran Rail Rasa Company has for the first time ordered and purchased special 26-meters wagons for transporting containers in the first step. The main features of these wagons are:

  • Simultaneous transport of two 40-foot containers
    Ability to carry a combination of 20 and 40 foot containers
    Maximum use of internal raw materials
    Achieve strength and performance in accordance with the standard
    Structural design based on domestically produced sheets
    European bogey Y25Lsd1
    SA3 automatic coupler
    Peripheral equipment in accordance with the standard
    Container lock function manually
    KE-GP-16 “braking system”
    Structural analysis based on relevant standards
    The design of this wagon is in accordance with UIC 571 standard Sggrss 80 ‘, Sggns.

Possible containers for transport

Wagon view

Arrangement of containers

  • Wagon Coupler
    Coupler movement course: 110 mm
    Energy absorption capacity: 58860 joules
    Weight of each coupler: 500 kg
    It has the ability to connect automatically.
    Its mechanism of action is simple.
    Has the ability to withstand tensile and compressive forces.
    Due to the pendulum mechanism, it tends to become central.
    The coupler lock has a toggle.
    It has the ability to move in the vertical direction.
    The hook is a type of hook with a suspension system.

Sepahran Rail has purchased 200 multi-purpose wagons with a loading capacity of 63 tons for all kinds of steel products, containers, jumbo bags, etc.